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Right-of-Ways ("ROW") 

These are the locations accessible as a member (see map below).





1. Telephone pole #32 (between 418 & 416 Lake Road)

2. Between Andover Lake sign and pole #42

3. Across from 365 Lake Road

4. Next to 320 Lake Road

5. Next to 288 Lake Road

6. Across from Island Street

7. Next to 77/79 Lakeside Drive



RACKS for Boats

Due to limited space and availability, ALPOA/ALMA has developed these policies to oversee all of the racks on the Right of Ways.


Please email RACK Committee Chair at to inquire about a rack spot.

  • Anyone requesting a boat rack space must be a current member of ALPOA
  • Sign-up for racks will be annually.
  • If a member applies after the spring deadline and there is availability, a space will be designated at that time.
  • All spaces will be assigned by the RACK COMMITTEE CHAIR or his/her designee.
  • Current boat stickers must be on all boats.
  • Bottom rungs of racks will be for heavier, larger boats or multiples.
  • Locks are encouraged to anchor boats to racks and discourage theft.
  • Boats without an assigned space should not be attached or near racks as so to prevent access to racks.
  • All boats not on racks should be on the side of the ROWs to allow other boats access to the lake.
  • All boats should be placed/stored with hull up so as not to collect rain water which could breed mosquitoes.
  • All members can place foam or carpet on their rack space for boat to sit on.
  • No member should move or dismantle the racks or move other member's boats.
  • All member concerns should be forwarded to the RACK COMMITTEE CHAIR.
  • ALPOA/ALMA reserve the right to remove all boats from the ROWS that do not have current membership stickers.
  • No member should park on the ROWs, unless a sign specifically designates the area for parking.
  • ALPOA/ALMA are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen boats.
  • Access to the lake is at the member's own risk.
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