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Rules for Safety and Lake Guidelines

Andover Lake is a private lake for use only by its members and their guests. Non-members using the lake should be referred to the website or an ALPOA or ALMA member for information on how to join.

There is no parking in any area at the ROWs unless the area is specifically designated for parking so that access to dry fire hydrants is not blocked. Dry hydrants need to be clear so as to allow access for fire trucks.

A member may host a beach party for a fee after completing a Beach Party request form. The island is available for use but a Island Rental permit must first be obtained from ALPOA. (click on link to print and submit).

The lake is the property of ALMA, therefore, before erecting a dock or float or building a wall - please read the Wall & Dock Guidelines and Application or pulling weeds consent must first be obtained from ALMA.

Click on the links for detailed guidelines and applications for each.

No weapons of any kind are allowed on ALMA property.


Compliance with published rules and guidelines is the responsibility of the member, the member’s family and guests who seek to use Andover Lake. Non-compliance, accidental errors or poor judgment may cause property damage, serious injury or death and the ALPOA member permitting such, solely and personally assumes the risk of any property damage, injury or death caused by or contributed by such non-compliance.

No alcohol shall be brought onto any ALMA property (including the lake), nor shall any person be impaired by alcohol or any substance on ALMA property.

Andover Lake does contain some underwater physical hazards, therefore swimming at any location other than the beach when life guards are on duty is at one’s own risk. Click here for full Beach Rules.

The Dam is NOT a designated right of way or a public space and has dangerous conditions both in front of and behind the dam structure. There should be no fishing, swimming or launching of boats in the vicinity of the spillway or pier. The land behind the dam that makes up the spillway (rock, concrete, and a good portion of the concrete apron) is on private property, not ALMA property. This is a dangerous area and serious injuries are possible. For your own safety, please respect our neighbors and keep out of this area.

For fishing regulations, anglers should refer to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection website

A fishing license is required and may be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office at the Andover Town Hall. Click here for Boating Rules and Guidelines.

The use of lawn fertilizer in the lake district is strongly discouraged.

In winter, the lake may not be completely frozen due to moving water, for that reason walking on the ice is not recommended.

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